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We going fast with this one. Slang Dogs and Lichwood blend their sounds into this DnB smoothie called “Silence.” What’s in this smoothie you may ask? We have dark, fast, bone-rattling bass along with some of the hardest-hitting drums you will ever experience. Let’s slurp this smoothie together to get a taste of what Slang Dogs and Lichwood have to offer.

“Silence” will transition you to the darker side of drum and bass.

Both Slang Dogs and Lichwood reach into the depths of the unknown to pull off their extremely dark sound. As we head into drop one we get a wonderful soundscape before the build-up. Your ears will thank you at the drop though. Once the rising tension of the build-up transitions to the drop you’re left with a jaw-dropping drum and bass line that will make your body fling itself around like it’s possessed by Annabelle. Heart pounding bass combined with vigorous drums at a very fast pace is very dangerous. Don’t call Mary to see if she’s alright, call me now, I’m not okay. “Silence” gets more aggressive as it progresses. The second drop showcases a halftime bass drop as the pace slows a bit, but the song maintains its same violent nature.

The combination of the Slang Dogs and Lichwood provided a drum and bass classic that you have never heard before. Catastrophic basses molded perfectly with an energetic tempo of a DnB song. The Slang Dogs chatted to us about mixing their sound with Lichwood:

Working alongside Lichwood, and being able to use his incredible sound design, is something we are so proud to release, as releasing another one of our DnB tracks from the vault is always very special to us.”

Slang Dogs

“Silence” is only the blueprint of what’s to come not only for the talented Slang Dogs and Lichwood, but the future of drum and bass music as a whole.

BRB I’m gonna teach a peloton class to this beat.

Listen to “Silence” by Slang Dogs and Lichwood below:

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