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Deep in the murky undiscovered depths of our ocean, Slang Dogs and Detrix have summoned Cthulhu for their new single, “Trenches.” Born out of a desire for collaboration, “Trenches” is a deep-dub-inspired, minimalistic masterpiece that will rattle your bones and scare most small children. And you can hear it here first with this Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere.

If you’ve been keeping up with Electric Hawk, you know by now that we have a soft spot for the Slang Dogs. Dario and David have been absolutely smashing it, and “Trenches” serves as their first release since dropping the monumental EP, Reckoning of Endal. The Slang Pups, while incredibly versatile, are experts at dark and grimey bass music. But with the addition of Detrix, it’s added insult to injury.

Grant Diedrich (Detrix) is an underground gem that deserves your attention.

His tracks have seen support from industry greats like Boombox Cartel and Griz. And all it takes is a shallow dive into the Detrix discography to understand why. His muddy textures and volatile soundscapes make for a hard-hitting listening experience. So having both Detrix and Slang Dogs on the same track is truly a gift from the bass Gods.

“Trenches” engulfs you in a brooding and ominous atmosphere from beginning to end. Warping and snarling bass warns you of your imminent demise at the intro. The first drop completely shatters the listener with a pulsating sub that feels like your heart beating outside of your chest. While relatively minimal, the silence between pulses creates a haunting tempo that deep-dub fans can really sink their teeth into. But the drowning doesn’t stop there. As you’re tossing and turning in this whirlpool abyss of sounds, the second drop hits you like a tidal wave. Wobbling and drawn-out bass patterns pressurize the listener into a bad case of the bends. Who knew death by drowning could sound so good?

Listen to “Trenches” from Slang Dogs and Detrix below, and support your favorite creatives:

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