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The Slang Dogs are capping off a hellacious year with their second EP release with Electric Hawk, Reckoning of Endal. Yeah, she’s out there, alive and kickin’ with four new songs in her arsenal. The Reckoning of Endal EP is just the second act of the Slang Dogs story, following the tracks of the Sacrament EP. Each track tells a unique tale of the hounds searching for Endal to awaken her from her slumber. Let’s explore the story behind each track. And fair warning… 

Slang Dogs Reckoning of Endal

Fires Path

The hounds begin their journey on “Fires Path” through the woods looking for their queen. This song starts with a creepy atmosphere and ominous vocals and it slowly builds to a destructive drop that is bloody lovely. This gosh darn first drop made me fling my PS5 into a dumpster and set it on fire. And that second drop pushed me in the mosh pit with the skeletons from hell (AKA my ex-girlfriends from my nightmares). This song takes you on twists and turns with its heavy and dark bass, but it only gets darker from here…and heavier. 


After leaving the forest, we head into the “Crypt.” Echoes of bizarre horns buzz through the speakers as we head deeper into the caverns. Like “Fires Path,” this song goes absolutely nuts with the bass. Each drop shows off the freeform side of the spoopy pups as they possess you with their mind-melting sound design. You might need to get on your hands and knees and pray to Endal so she doesn’t explode your subwoofer in your Honda Civic. Also, the dogs gotta tell me how they make that sexy ass cling noise because I get horny off that shit all the time.


It’s time for the hounds to “Summon” their queen. This has to be one of the scariest songs on the EP. I want to thank the vocals for sending shivers up and down my spine on this track. That “summon” vocal into the drop is especially deadly. And the deep bass is so chunky that it’s disgustingly good. You could hear that shit purring in your eardrums oooof (send me to horny jail I dare you). But around the 2:28 mark, Endal whispers “That’s It” to you, and it’s used as a motivator for the hounds to awaken her…. AW HELL NAHHHHH.


We have reached the end of our journey, and the Reckoning of “Endal” is about to begin. A violin plays as the monster walks out of her cave. We build to the menacing climax and Endal is about to snap your neck like a twig. This track goes into some dangerous dubstep with thunderous drums that pierce your corpse. The EP concludes with the violin playing for the last several seconds. And what Endal does after this you’ll have to find out…

Did someone say Merch?

Honestly, this whole EP could be a cinematic film and I would watch it more than I have ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Reckoning of Endal is everything the Slang Dogs represent– demons, hell, and good ass bass music. I’m so damn proud of the Slang Dogs and everything they’ve accomplished this year :’) <3. In 2021, I NEED to see these guys on a damn stage. Please. I’ll be breaking my nose on the rail.

We also should give a huge shout out to Hnddrwn for creating the sexiest cover art on planet Earth.

Listen to the Reckoning of Endal EP below:

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