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Just as with his seasonal mixtapes before, Lane 8 has you convinced you have to relax and strap into this magical Disney Soarin’ experience. The Deep house producer released his seasonal mixtape for winter 2020.

When I sit down to focus and look for a mix to put on, an hour is the sweet spot. They say you should only focus for 30-60 minutes at a time for quality work anyway, whoever “they” is. So when I discovered the Lane 8 Spring Mixtape back in 2018, my ADHD flinched. But I finally took a moment and… oh what a moment, a moment that rippled out and grabbed me by the lungs. The 3 hours of warm bass pulsing through the mix sounds like that feeling of standing in front of the speakers in a pocket of sound waves. As if time travel were real, you are suddenly three hours later left feeling satisfied, full to the brim. A feast consumed in what feels like the blink of an eye.

Then the seasonal mixes just kept getting better.

Each one is beautifully composed yet still holds on to that raw energy that has always been Lane 8. The Winter 2020 Mixtape is the best one yet. Basically flawless in its execution. It holds that feeling you get when sitting in front of the fire bottled and packaged for your own personal enjoyment.

Memories fill the music, despite it being released only days ago. So often do we end up in a grab-n-go state. These seasonal mixes though really inspire you to sit down. Make you take a moment to meditate and contemplate the changing of the seasons. Consider the cycles of your own evolution.

So shut your eyes, dim the lights, and take a deep breath. We all know we could use it.

Listen to the Lane 8 Winter 2020 Mixtape now!

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