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Slang Dogs hold absolutely nothing back with their debut EP Sacrament, out now via yours truly, Electric Hawk. From start to finish of this EP the boys of Slang Dogs relentlessly go in. Each track is filled with ominous builds into massive DnB drops that are packed with broken beat drums and pounding basslines.

Every track expands deeper on a haunting ritual deep in the woods. Starting with “Follow,” the perfect tune to draw any listener in. Leading into “Alter,” which could be a bad ass theme song to any dark ceremonies of your choosing. Eventually, “Demise” has a total eerie finish to not only the EP but the ritual itself.

This EP means a ton to us more than it just being our first one. It’s pushed us as producers and given us a greater direction to take this project.

Slang Dogs

From the insane production and sound intensity to the overall story behind this EP, Slang Dogs have delivered beyond expectations.

Listen to the full ‘Sacrament’ EP below! Out now on Electric Hawk.

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