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Skope drops the invigorating track “Crumb Chaser” ahead of his upcoming SlapBack EP. This EP drops on March 15 via Slug Wife – a genre-fluid label unlike any other. These beloved slugs gave Electric Hawk an exclusive first peek at “Crumb Chaser,” the latest Skope track, ahead of the EP release.

UK-based Skope proves time and again that he is a genre fusion expert. He often utilizes elements from drum and bass and neuro, with a dash of funk throughout his tracks; it’s no wonder that Slug Wife previously recognized these abilities, and released his EP, Beneath. They’re not the only label to sense his talent; the genre-fluid Inspected collective has hosted music by Skope three times! Experimental music label, Intrinzic, will also showcase Skope on day two (March 13) of their online streaming event. “Crumb Chaser” is undoubtedly another exemplary display of his genre fusion skills.

Day 2 of the Intrinzic online event, showcasing Skope alongside artists including NIK P and Mirror Maze.

Skope masterfully meshes grit and funk in “Crumb Chaser.”

“Crumb Chaster” opens up mysteriously, sounding like echoes in an unexplored cave. Claps enter and tension grows as dark metallic samples slowly increase in volume. Then, a vocal sample interrupts the intro and the first stanza begins suddenly. A punchy bassline underlines the staccato scratches making up the primary melody; meanwhile, beautiful brief flourishes cut through the grime. Skope then switches synths to something more technological, but maintains the same bouncy feel. The funk and neuro influences on Skope and his art are clearly present all throughout “Crumb Chaser.”

A quiet interlude combines several elements of the track and builds to the next stanza, also introduced by the same vocal sample from before. The second portion of “Crumb Chaser” feels more focused, as illustrated by the sharpness and staccato musicality of the sounds. The gritty melody is highlighted by mechanical whirring in the background. Skope closes out Crumb Chaser with the gentle devolution of the track’s instruments until the listener is left with the sense of curious foreboding heard in the beginning.

skope crumb chaser slapback ep slug wife
Cover art for the SlapBack EP, designed by THRONE.

“Crumb Chaser” displays the collision of many musical influences on Skope; he composes a variety of textures and sounds in a way that is chaotic yet controlled, aggressive yet funky. This track perfectly fits in with the genre-fluid lens that Slug Wife views music through, and undoubtedly leave fans excited for the SlapBack EP.

Listen to “Crumb Chaser” below! Don’t miss the March 15 release of SlapBack through Slug Wife.

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