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About a year ago, the world came under a pandemic, and right before our very eyes, we saw our normal lives change drastically. Businesses closed left and right, we had to wear masks and sanitize, and group hangouts were frowned upon. But as 2020 went on, some stores were allowed to re-open, sports could resume play, and drive-ins became a thing again. But one thing remained the same, concert venues kept their doors closed. Everyone knew that the entertainment business would be the last to welcome folks back. So how could they bring in money while they are closed? Enter the Save Our Stages act.

Thankfully, Save Our Stages has lent a helping hand to venues across the nation.

The Save Our Stages campaign came into play during the pandemic when live entertainment venues needed to be supported. On Saturday, March 13th, Save Our Stages will be starting the “One Year Dark” campaign to signify a year without any shows. Concert venues will post “One Year Dark” outside of their buildings in recognition of being shuttered due to COVID-19. Venues associated with Another Planet Entertainment such as the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and the Fox Theater will be participating. These venues breathe life into artists’ careers. But the venues do not only help the artists, but the small businesses around them too! Did you know that For every $1 spent on a ticket at a small music venue, $12 is spent on local small businesses?

And with the stimulus that passed in December, the relief money should be on its way to venues soon.

We’re very hopeful for the future. On the 1 year anniversary of this thang called Covid being named a pandemic, President Joe Biden announced that vaccinations would be available to all Americans by May 1st. He also made a huge promise that the U.S. would return to normalcy by July 4th if we follow all safety guidelines and get that MF vaccine. Could we be seeing music festivals come back in the late Summer? Will we be able to head on inside and enjoy concerts once again? We don’t truly know the answer, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel if we continue to stay safe and stay healthy. 

So let’s follow the health guidance given to us so we can see our favorite artists grace the stage once again!

Also to contribute to the artists, workers, and businesses impacted, you can send any donations to

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