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With an already impressive history of releases, Skope adds to his repertoire with a phenomenal new genre-bending EP. The project entitled Low Focus is out now on the UK powerhouse, Inspected. The EP boasts five impressive tracks that are sure to leave you speechless.

Skope combines elements of jungle, glitch, garage, and dubstep in this release. His ability to merge these elements fluidly is showcased flawlessly with this release. Skope is a top-tier producer, and he has continued to execute his mastery in this, truly, ground-breaking body of work.

Low Focus features five clever tracks that will take your breath away.

The first track “Jaded” is a massive tune that layers lush synths with the crispest drums to form a combo that will take your breath away. The EP also has some bangers that will be hard to miss such as “Circuit” and “Hoops.” The title track is an impressive take on classic half-time and hip-hop beats. The final tune, “Wanderer,” contains clever rhythms along with dreamy synths that will entrance listeners.

Skope is someone to keep an eye on. His catalog of releases is stunning in its quality. Low Focus delivers a whole lot to be excited to be about. Skope pulled off a five-track masterpiece and you can listen to it below.

Stream Low Focus by Skope here:

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