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Bristol-based record label, Intrinzic Music, announced a lineup without musical boundaries. They have curated a three-day virtual music stream that spans across genres. Join Intrinzic Music for their first virtual event on March 12 – 14; they’ve delivered a lineup filled to the brim with boundary bending artists, such as Culprate and Skope. From drum and bass to halftime with splashes of neuro and jazz, this lineup has flavors for fans everywhere.

intrinzic virtual event
Intrinzic Music Presents Online Audio/Visual Event; graphic by Edgar Medalla and Isaac Rogers.

Intrinzic is an experimental music label inspired by innovation, design, and rave culture.

Although this is their first virtual event, the team at Intrinzic Music are no strangers to hosting events. This team, including Culprate working alongside Eyza, undoubtedly has a talent for finding cutting-edge artists. Not only have they showcased Subp Yao, one of the artists featured on Electric Hawk’s In Unity, but have also boasted Seppa as a headliner. Additionally, their Initium collaborative LP displayed their musical diversity as a label. They placed artists such as Slug Wife favorites, Kursa and Seppa, alongside smaller producers like AENAK and Maynix. Importantly, such curation attracted familiar listeners to the LP, while giving them a taste of the talented underground. Indeed, this label carefully selects artists of all size and creates an eclectic, irresistible mix of music. Their first virtual event is no different.

Intrinzic Music is known for celebrating modern takes on electronica, jazz, and jungle. Furthermore, they consistently push drum and bass and halftime. Their first virtual music festival highlights all of these genres and more. Culprate and Skope stand out, drawing eyes and ears to artists such as Mirror Maze and Thorjn. NIK P, who was one of the featured artists on Electric Hawk’s very own In Unity, also has a spot on this diverse lineup. Occurring on March 12 – 14, be sure to RSVP and catch all of the talented musicians!

Get to know Intrinzic Music below and be ready for their virtual event, streaming on March 12 – 14!

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