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Josh Teed blew us away with “Zero Gravity,” his last release which also premiered on Electric Hawk. Today, he’s back again with another masterpiece in “Separation” – this time around, joining forces with AVELLO and vocalist Skye.

Photo provided by Josh Teed
Left: AVELLO, Right: Josh Teed

“Separation” boasts a unique and powerful style between the two producers

Josh Teed has been making some big splashes recently. After an epic 2020, where he gave us singles such as “Warrior” and “Falling Apart,” as well as an 8 track LP Emergent, Teed is starting off 2021 with that same energy. Alongside the Tallahassee-based AVELLO, the two deliver a feel of wonder into this one.

Separation” starts off with a beautiful build up. Right from the beginning, you are absorbed into a world of soothing vibrations. Slowly, Skye‘s voice is brought into the mix, delivering heart melting lyrics. All of this culminates for a drop that sends the listener to another realm. It gives off Clozee vibes, with a melodic bass Flume-like twist. But at the same time, Teed and AVELLO bring their own unique touch to it.

Josh Teed Seperation
Photo provided by Josh Teed

You can feel the artists’ energy fully channeled into their creation. “Separation is capped off with an emotional second drop. As Skye sings out “and as we separate,” Teed and AVELLO hit us with a wave of healing sound. A perfect ending to a magical song.

Teed and AVELLO’s versatility exceed any expectations. For “Separation,” Teed gives us a new perspective of what is going on his mind.

So I’ve always enjoyed experimental bass music, and over the last few years I definitely geared my music that route. But I always really vibed with Louis the Child, Whethan, Slumberjack and a lot of other melodic/future bass, so I figured why not make something up that alley!

Josh Teed on his inspiration for “Seperation”

We can’t wait to see where Teed and AVELLO take both their artistic visions next, follow along for the journey!

Listen to “Separation” by Josh Teed and AVELLO below

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