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Once again, SISKA captures listeners in his vivid imagination with “Valhalla.” This latest single, released on October 21, weaves the complex tapestry of a difficult final battle and the entrance to the afterlife. SISKA fuses elements from halftime and neuro with his own flavors in “Valhalla.”

SISKA and his endless production talents continue to make waves across the underground. He caught the attention of The Gradient Perspective with his percussive track, “Reverie.” Furthermore, he impressed Aspire Higher with “Mogra.” Most recently, HeardItHereFirst recruited SISKA for their sixtieth guest mix. The Baltimore-based producer delivered an hour of cinematic soundscapes and guttural heaters. Loaded with IDs, this tantalizing mix left listeners craving more releases from SISKA and needing an answer to the question, “Who is Boshlar Dhinky?”

Indeed, heads are turning in his direction. In “Valhalla,” SISKA boasts the atmospheric composition side of his talent in tandem with his brutal sound design and selection.

SISKA illustrates the complex tale of a fighter’s end in “Valhalla.”

Historically, “Valhalla” is the Norse name for the hall of fallen warriors, where the god Odin reigns. Although no warrior wishes to die in battle, the threads of fate are inexorable. Akin to a painter, SISKA weaves a legendary story of an epic final battle with his meticulous production. “Valhalla” opens with panning groans and echoing synths, yielding foreboding energy. Tension rises with gently tapping staccato drums. Sailing on a ship, the fog clears, and a battleground comes into view. In a brief interlude, SISKA incorporates ghostly sounds that grow from nothing into a focused mood – confident but accepting.

SISKA Valhalla
Portrait of SISKA, shot by Yung Thom.

The battle begins with the second stanza; a cacophony of textures and masterfully crafted samples emulate the calculated chaos of a warzone. SISKA impeccably mixes the droning feel of halftime with the alluring sounds of neuro. Additionally, distant sounds similar to an electric guitar scream lurk in the background. With this, he creates an air of uncertainty surrounding the foreseeable future of the warrior in his story.

This physical engagement continues into the third stanza. Although it contains many of the same elements as the second, this third movement contains a greater sense of struggle. In this portion of “Valhalla,” SISKA chops the flow further with metallic quavering and bass pulses. He depicts an, unfortunately, losing battle for the warrior. As the track ends, angelic synths enter on the tail end of the battle sequence. After a difficult fight, the warrior is welcomed into “Valhalla.”

In this latest release, SISKA incorporates halftime and neuro to tell a captivating tale of the fall of a warrior. “Valhalla” is yet another cinematic track that breathes vibrant life into the story. In addition to his talent for crafting detailed soundscapes, SISKA has a sharp ear for sound design. Indeed, these are just two aspects of his infinite production talents that continue to attract fans.

Get a peek in the epic final battle and entrance into “Valhallabelow!

Cover art for “Valhalla” designed by ASMU.

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