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Heimanu delivers on another wave masterpiece, “Mira.” This tune, released with Liquid Ritual, gives off a much different tone than his other hits. Heimanu switched up from the usual high energy drops to provide more of a trance-like feel to his newest project. A strong atmosphere introduces the tune which leads into huge ambient chords that overcome the listener with emotion. The echo of the vocals and the power of the synth during the drops take your breath away as you listen on. The second half of the song is just as good as the first. A powerful mind-numbing drop that also soothes the soul with euphoric vocals.

Listening to Heimanu’s music makes you want to drive 90 MPH through a city at night.

But this tune released with Liquid Ritual gives off a much different tone than his other wave hits. The NuRave king made a name for himself through songs such as “Nerva” and “Night Rider.” He’s also made remixes from ARMNHMR‘s “I Don’t Know You” and Skeler’s “Arcadia” that makes my heart want to explode. But if you want a sneak peek of what he’s got in store for the future, listen to his Halloween IX NuRave mix.

That Heimanu X Skeler collab makes me UWU.

The Australian based producer could be considered one of the pioneers of ~Wave~ music. Heimanu provides listeners with unique and exhilarating sounds that are almost untouchable in terms of production.

Listen to ‘Mira’ here:

Cover art: Jordan Chappell

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