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Decadon and KROWD KTRL have teased the release of a filthy dubstep track for months, and “The Self” is finally here. This track is such a banger, you’ll be blasting it so loud, your neighbors can listen to it too.

From Denver, Donnie Miller (aka Decadon) has been taking the EDM world by storm. Self-taught to play the guitar, piano, drums, and bass, it’s no surprise that his music production skills are off the charts. On the other hand, TJ Sihpol and Danny Gilmore have teamed up as KROWD KTRL. Together, these two are truly unstoppable and have impressed the community with some jaw-dropping performances. We are stoked to see what this dynamic duo has coming our way next.

Decadon introduces the release of “The Self”

I know times are crazy right now, so I wanted to release some new music for you guys with my buddies Krowd Ktrl. So much more new music coming your way. Hope you dig it!

– Decadon

When these great minds come together, we are sure to have our ears blessed by some pretty disgusting wubs. The teasing leads of this track introduce the first dirty and jarring drop. And, if you think the first drop slaps, just wait for how heavy the second and third drops get. This track brings together every element of dubstep that our ears crave. These musical geniuses have gone above and beyond to really transport us into the filth of what this track beholds. Every aspect of “The Self” will truly rock your world, and put simply, this shit goes HARD.

Decadon and KROWD KTRL really changed up the game with this new release, and we can’t wait to hear more. “The Self” is a headbanging anthem, so sit back, and get ready to melt your face off with this one.

Stream “The Self” below, and stay tuned for more releases from Decadon and KROWD KTRL

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