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Ravenscoon and Viskus teamed up again to drop one of the filthiest tracks of 2020 thus far, “Dirty South”. Premiering via FUXWITHIT these southern boys gave a whole new meaning to the ‘Dirty South’ on their second collab together.

Dirty south- can y’all really feel me?

With Paul (Ravenscoon) originally being from Atlanta, GA and Nick (Viskus) from Austin, TX, it’s only right that they give us an absolutely filthy bass track to show us what the souths all about. While being mostly on the experimental bass side, there are heavy trap elements that show us what both of these artists can truly produce.

Using the vocals from Aaliyah’s ‘Are You That Somebody’ it gives that perfect deep south vibe that’ll get everyone movin’. The ”dirty south, can y’all really feel me?’ vocal loop leads us into the weird and wonky first drop.

Dropping just in time for festival season…

There’s no doubt that this will be a track no one can get enough of. Be sure to catch Ravenscoon and Viskus playing various shows this spring and summer!

Aside from Paul dropping absolute bangers on us all year- he’s also been banned from Twitter indefinitely! Be sure to keep up with all his news via management-run twitter account, The Ravens Nest, or on his socials listed below. #FreeRavenscoon

Listen To “Dirty South” Here!

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