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The tandem of Ravenscoon and Yewz are at it with an Electric Hawk exclusive premiere of “Pegasus” on LoFreq Records Cypher Vol. 2.

ravenscoon yewz pegasus
LoFreq Records Cypher Vol. 2

Time to hop on the “Pegasus” because we’re about to fly right into this song.

As we begin our journey, echoes of pegasus can be heard throughout the song which serves as the song’s spine chilling background vocals. Leading into the drop, we get more wobbly and dark as the song advances. Once the song reaches its pinnacle, it’s over for you fools. The vibrating bass combined with the various elements of the song is a mind-melting catastrophe. Just make sure before listening to “Pegasus” that your brain is prepared to go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR all throughout. 

Ravenscoon and Yewz have individually released some absolute honkers in the past. The two present “Pegasus” as a grimy track full of unique sounds you would dance to at the bowling alley after you got a strike. They continue to transcend their sounds and “Pegasus” would be a great start if you wanted to listen to new music by Yewz and Ravenscoon.

Listen to “Pegasus” by Ravenscoon and Yewz here, out via LoFreq Records:

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