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Name a better duo than MIZE and Super Future? We’ll wait. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect combo of big sexy brains to join forces and bring us an absolute mind melter. Out now via SSKWAN, “Satori” is a deep melodic trip that has us ready to sip some herbal tea, burn our best patchouli and align our chakras.

“I remember first reaching out to Ian and the gist of what I had to say was, “Hey man, I know you don’t know me that well… but I promise if you give me one chance to work on something with you I will make it absolutely beautiful.” for some reason I felt in my heart that I could create something really meaningful with him. I was really really nervous sending it back to him, but he loved it “

Super Future

The sound of 2021, baby!

We may never be able to thank Super Future enough for shooting his shot with MIZE. These two boys have been dominating the scene in their own individual lanes and are finally crossing paths. Even with the circumstances, both boys had standout 2020’s and are maintaining that energy going into this year.

“Satori” is the first release of 2021 on Liquid Strangers new downtempo label, SSKWAN. This WAKAAN sister label strives to provide beautiful soundscapes that help embody emotion through music. It only makes sense that this track found its home here.

“Satori is meant to bring sound to the challenging yet beautiful process of reaching enlightenment. What you will find on this journey is an unexpected array of sounds and experiences, just as the ancient Buddhist path of achieving Satori has always been for the human mind, body, and spirit.”

MIZE & Super Future

Super Future tweeted that this track would change our ears forever, and he wasn’t playing. This song has one of those “driving 90mph down the highway sipping on an ice-cold Yerba™” type of beats. Acting as tour guides on our journey to enlightenment, MIZE and Super Future instantly throw us into an atmosphere of euphonious sounds. Before we get too cozy, the boys flip a switch, and boom, stank face. “Satori” ebbs and flows through ambient lows and otherworldly highs. It’s honestly cruel that we can’t stick our head in a Funktion One and hear this doozy live and direct.

MIZE and Super Future are some Electric Hawk fam favs and we can’t express how much love we have for this track. Until the day we are blessed with another collab from these two, we’ll have “Satori” on repeat.

Experience “Satori” below:

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