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This year has truly taken its toll on small businesses. Nearly 100,000 businesses have shut down due to the ongoing pandemic, so we find it very important to support small businesses this holiday season! We’ve taken the time to lay out some of our favorites that include clothing, merch, jewelry & more!

Clothing & Merch

Wobble Factory
Ancient History
Above The Sky
So Butterfly
Mi Gente Clothing
Soundwave Clothing
Disco Lemonade
Magical Minnie
Tribe of Ravers
Raving Rivers

Accessories, Home Decor, Art, Etc.

Live Inspired Planners
Lunar Lana Art
Alfalfa Sprout
Shes The Rainbow
Cath Creations
Breathe Enlight CO
Data Byte
Moon Bloomer
Free Form Design

If you have more to add to the list be sure to tweet us and let us know- we’ll continuously add to make your holiday shopping easier! Happy Small Business Saturday!

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