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Quarantine life as we know it has consisted of finding ways to compromise things. Staying out until 2 AM, festival season, and celebrating holidays in a social setting are paused. But the people need to party. And this is exactly what WRECKNO did for Pride Month with the release of his EP ROYGBIV. He brings the party to your house.

The collaborations on this EP make room for the underground artists, like NotLö and Mad Pritch. They all bring unique sounds to the already upbeat and sensual vibes WRECKNO brings to the table. Each track gives you a taste of what it should feel like to thrive in your own skin.

WRECKNO has been a huge inspiration to the LGBTQ community. Most importantly, making it a point to show that being yourself is sexy. When asked about his favorite track on the EP, “KIKI!”, he explained “Getting to work on a track that exudes the powerful and unapologetic queer energy that I looked up to as a teen makes my soul happy. Tbh they all slap tho!”. After hearing this, we could not agree more. Whether it’s through his music, or his social platform, he is doing something that many of us in the bass scene has never seen before. 

“I would definitely say my “patronus” is DEFFFFFINITELY be a chunky unicorn with a crop top on.

Brandon Wisniski (WRECKNO)

You can quite literally feel the energy and passion WRECKNO put into every song, from start to finish. Spreading awareness while celebrating a month of color through music. All these moves make me excited to see what more is in store for WRECKNO, and the rest of the artists featured.

Listen to the Pride Month EP, ROYGBIV, by WRECKNO below, and support your favorite creatives:

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