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Pluko dives into the lighter side of heartbreak with his latest track, “used to.” Blending airy vocals, groovy strings, and a bouncy rhythm, this one’s guaranteed to get you over her, king.

Hailing from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Sam Martinsen (pluko) has quickly climbed the ladder of success since releasing his first track at only 16. Now at 19, he has performed across the country at mainstream festivals like Coachella and Hard Summer.

In 2018, Sam dropped his first full-length album sixteen under Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective. Since then, he has amassed over 50 million plays across all streaming platforms. Not to mention, he’s booked to perform in possibly the biggest virtual festival to date.

Digital Mirage

Drawing inspiration from Flume, Porter Robinson, and Tourist, pluko has adopted the unique ability to paint a picture sonically. Because of this, he effortlessly layers ethereal sounds that hypnotize the listener into feeling the emotion that ties each sound together. Simply put, this kid’s got range.

…that’s why my music is so diverse. It will go from super hard and super fast to super slow, ambient, emotional stuff. And then sometimes I’ll meet myself in the middle, like I’ll go hard but at the same time, it’s an emotional, melodic thing. It would be boring if I just sat up there and played ambient stuff all day long.


With “used to”, this talent is on full display. Fresh off the release of “blessingsand the lovely one,” his newest single starts with some creamy vocals, courtesy of Cassette Tapes. Those vocals are then met with twangy guitar chords and poppy drum hits that instantly brings life to the dance floor.

Listen to Pluko’s new single “used to” below, and let us know what you think in the comments:

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