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“Moonchild” is a trippy, trance tune, birthed from a trio of some of the scene’s top talent. Immerse yourself in the world premiere of Elysian.

Ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi, and Emma Hewitt are no strangers to the dance-music scene. Ilan and Maor, two highly respected DJ/Producers from the UK and Israel, respectively. As well as Australian singer/songwriter Emma Hewitt, a house and vocal-trance genre frequent. Subsequently join forces for a new experience. Titled Elysian, this trance trio joins Anjunabeats as they enter their twentieth year.

Ilan and Maor are frequent collaborators. In addition to working on tracks like “Can You” and “The Distance“, Ivan has also worked with Emma. Therefore, this shared chemistry can be heard all throughout “Moonchild”.

Elysian takes us for a ride with “Moonchild”

With a dramatic start, this track quickly sets the mood with a drum and bass inspired intro. It combines an angry bassline, dreamy choir vocals, and carefully placed synths. Consequently creating a speed-racer type of atmosphere, before being wiping it clean with a harmonic intermission. Emma is the definition of ear-candy here. Her voice feels like its melting over you like butter over a warm stack of pancakes.

After that, synthesizers lead you to the drop like a trail of breadcrumbs. Upon return, you’re reminded at just how talented these three are. Elysian successfully take us to the moon and back in less than 5 minutes. This trance trio is here to stay, and we cant wait for the EP.

Listen to “Moonchild” below, and let us know what you think in the comments:

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