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Once again, Mirror Maze shatters all expectations with his latest drum and bass release, “Double Take.” Released on September 30, this track comes as the second release from the highly anticipated VALE drum and bass compilation album. With “Double Take,” Mirror Maze allows several aspects of his talents to shine through.

Mirror Maze performing live at Bass Waffles. (Shot by Underground Exposure)

Mirror Maze has been celebrating an undeniably explosive year for his project. Performing at events such as Bass Waffles, soundXperiment, and Blind Tiger, Mirror Maze entices fans with his endless repertoire of IDs. Most recently, his released discography boasts collaborations with sumthin sumthin on “Technicolor” and FLY on “Singularity.” However, even in collaborations, Mirror Maze’s distinct style and sound design remains apparent – celestial clashes with darkness, unexpected composition and samples, and impeccable textures.

It comes as no surprise that VALE recognizes Mirror Maze’s talents. This label notoriously recruits underground talent with incredible potential, and this is not their first time showcasing Mirror Maze. Last year, VALE hosted “Frustration” by this blossoming producer. With VALE nodding once more at Mirror Maze, this strong feedback loop continues to develop; sharp eyes and ears selecting the upcoming best of the best. Indeed, Mirror Maze is no exception to that. As the second track from the VALE drum and bass compilation, “Double Take” is an example that Mirror Maze can conform his style to any genre.

Mirror Maze shakes dancefloors with “Double Take.”

This song begins by creeping up on the listener, echoing and slowly growing, before dropping suddenly into a groove. Mirror Maze creates an unmistakable drum and bass energy using his own take on the typical rhythm. The rounded, punching bassline complements the gentle tapping of hi-hats. Quavering industrial scratches contrast with smooth, deep frequencies and samples. In “Double Take,” Mirror Maze takes his affinity for re-inventing experimental and leftfield electronica and applies it to this fresh take on drum and bass.

“Double Take” contains a cornucopia of textures masterfully composed to yield an intriguing interpretation on drum and bass. Of course VALE would leap on the opportunity to feature this track on their compilation album. While Mirror maze continues to turn heads, this drum and bass track is bound to make people do a “Double Take” at the up-and-coming producer.

Stream “Double Take” right here!

Cover art for “Double Take” designed by ASMU and NIK P.

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