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The techno virtuoso, lupa, unveils her long-awaited debut EPInsatiable. A sonic 5-track work of brooding soundscapes and supreme production, Insatiable releases on Friday, October 1 via mau5trap. There is nothing to worry about as you enter the void. It is welcoming as we step into the dark elemental world. All thanks to the wolf behind the human.

A portrait of lupa, shot by Oliver Jagger III.

Entering the darkness of the night with the Insatiable EP

When I’m not working on music or art, I’m thinking about it constantly and it’s usually my first waking thought. The only thing I have is this relentless motivation for self expression and it’s the only thing I need. This EP represents that fierce, undefinable feeling in my gut, an insatiable hunger.


1. “For the Ride”

In case you didn’t read our write-up on “For the Ride” before – here is a small recap. The eerie scene is set and our adventure begins. As we head towards the entrance of the dark elemental world that lupa is welcoming us in, she pulls up in her whip, pops the door open, and all you have to do is “just be along for the ride.” We are under her control as she races through the town. The track is loosely inspired by 90’s racing games. You begin to feel the adrenaline start to rush through your body as you speed through the gothic, futuristic city inside lupa’s world. “For the Ride” encapsulates that feeling of wanting to accelerate through life and access the power within yourself to take on the town.

2. “Darkness”

As the races begin to slow down and the night continues to progress, it doesn’t seem like our high-speed chase is ending any time soon. Nevertheless, “Darkness” is that addicting track that lingers through the course of your body. The eerie and hypnotic track showcases the elegant beauty of what comes with the darkness. With the track being built with suspense and dark synths, the tune transcends the expectations within the techno genre. While also including an extended version in the EP, you are given the opportunity to escape in the “Darkness” for a little while longer and feel the elements move around you. Although, you don’t seem to notice the length as you get lost in the industrial, melodic undertones.

3. “Icarus”

The gates are open and welcoming us into the corridors of the warehouse. The gritty darkness is taking over and the only flashes of light you witness are the strobes that follow along to the heavy bass and larger-than-life kicks throughout. This track is heavily inspired by one of lupa’s favorite stories in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. If you are unfamiliar with the story, the story itself is about a man who goes against the way of nature and the Gods, and in return is punished. In contrast to the story, you can feel the wrath throughout “Icarus” and it fuels the energy inside your soul. Giving you the ability to unlock the wrath and anger that is locked inside. Allowing everyone to release their inner demons for the night.

4. “The Night”

Nevertheless, lupa isn’t afraid to try out some new elements in her production. As “The Night” plays through, you begin to feel the aura surrounding you rise. With the crowd’s eyes closed, floating along with the melodies, just waiting for the crash. This time, we see the sincerity of what dusk has to offer us. Lupa allows the track to shine through her veracious synth work and mesmerizing vocals. With “The Night” being one of lupa’s more heavily vocal-driven tracks in the EP, you begin to get lost in the haunting lyrics. And as the EP is coming to a close, the night in our little dark elemental world has as well. It is finally time for us to return to reality until the next night with lupa.

Lupa’s Insatiable EP is just the beginning rise for the wolf.

With recently being signed through United Talent Agency and having performed mau5trap events in Las Vegas and Daytrip in Los Angeles earlier in September, it doesn’t appear Lupa is slowing down. Although, with production not being her only avenue for creating, having a hand in graphic design and video editing keeps her creative mind spinning. Soon we will begin to see more of the wolf being showcased in lineups and watch the evolution of an artist grow with each project. But for now, Lupa’s Insatiable EP will be on repeat for the nights that we want to be wolves amongst the sheep around us.

Head out for the night, escape reality, and allow your inner wolf to be unleashed as you listen to lupa’s Insatiable EP!

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