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The underground future bass and trap champions, FUXWITHIT, have leveled up again today with the launch of their new record label. The blog turns a new leaf in the industry with the launch and features the young trap king himself, capshun. The blog and (now) record label has been in the game for 7 years, and this marks a huge milestone in their growth and a reminder of how far they have come. 

According to their official statement, FUXWITHIT’s record label will add to the incredible work they do on the blog side as well as “presents new opportunities and avenues to support the music we love and know that you will too.”

The debut track “Morph” is a mounting trap fantasy with deep, metallic builds and dynamic sound design.

capshun has perfected creating ominously atmospheric intros that build to smackingly phat drops. It’s a sonic signature that makes his work so colorfully unique. He is an expert of bending bass to his will, and showcases his range of talent in constructing a layered musical universe in “Morph.” Trap king and all, capshun is breaking boundaries of sound by evolving constantly. He continues to release emotive, sometimes even cinematic, memorable music that is a reflection of his personal growth and refinement. 

‘Morph’ signifies how I am constantly changing and reworking who I am creatively. I am sure it’s needless to say, but I love making a lot of different music. So to create something that is still me, but even more than who I have been musically, kind of feels like I am morphing and transforming my creative spirit. I want everyone to feel all the different emotions on this one. The sadness, the joy, the HYPE, the anger, and put it into perspective of the song.


capshun & FUXWITHIT have a long-standing relationship going back to 2018 with his feature in FUXWITHIT’s “Focus Five” series.

Since then he has released a guest mix and premiered a collab with Jon Casey, “Fever Dream,” on the blog this summer. There couldn’t be a stronger pairing than capshun and FUXWITHIT. They both are two relentlessly talented forces in the community that are pushing us to redefine sound.

I cannot tell you how much FUXWITHIT has done for me, how much I love the FUXWITHIT team, and everything they all stand for. To be the first release feels just like a full circle experience. I’m happy to be here. 🖤


We couldn’t be happier for both the FUXWITHIT team and capshun on this huge launch of the record label. You can listen to “Morph” below, and here on all streaming services, and follow FUXWITHIT & capshun on all of their socials.

Keep up with capshun: 
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