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KAIVON didn’t just hit us in our feels; he straight power slammed into them. Go ahead and grab a pint of ice cream and a box of tissues. “Don’t Leave Me” is a real heartbreak anthem.

With a sound ranging from melodic to heavy dub, you can never be too sure what you’ll get. KAIVON aspires to produce music that makes people feel feelings they’ve never felt before, and “Don’t Leave Me” does just that.

A dreamy and ethereal intro that starts tugging at our heartstrings from the jump. The beat builds, and so does the anticipation. Just before the drop, a message of “Don’t Leave Me” is delivered and boom, instant goosebumps. Feelsy big bass and deep breath vocal breaks has our heart skipping a beat. A beautiful interlude filled with drums and delicate beats leads us into the last drop that’s just as chilling as the first.

We love this display of KAIVON’s raw and vulnerable sounds, our inner sad boi has officially surfaced.

Stream “Don’t Leave Me” by KAIVON below!

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