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No stranger to the Electric Hawk family, w/out was recently a guest for Electric Hawk Radio Episode 14 and provide a stunning 60 minutes of wave genre influenced music. Creating different atmospheres through his releases over the last year such as a heavier tune like his collab with Munchma, “Finality“, and his booming wave release, “Enough“, this new collaboration “Witchcall” with TW1GZ seems to fit perfectly into the world he’s creating.

Witchcall” is one of those stunning tracks that seem to feel more comfortable at night. The ominous keys and the jumping basslines induce a certain eerie aura in the air that you just might find some comfort with your thoughts in. Wave music has always been an underground culture of electronic music that fans have been immensely passionate about because it tends to create a feeling like no other, and without a doubt W/out and TW1GZ hit the hammer on the nail with it.

Listen to their new release below.

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