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Longtime friend of ours and a true underground bass music artist, Laika Beats has progressed more and more through every aspect of his life and successfully set out to project that energy on his latest EP, ‘Enigma’. Laika’s been going through a long creative journey and it’s been spectacularly projected through his music over the last year, and we’ve been lucky enough to experience it along the way.

Laika Beats
Captured by Mojo_joebro

This year I have really been focusing on living a healthier lifestyle– I am proud to say that I have been hitting the gym every day and eating healthier than I ever have in my life. I’ve really felt the progression in my music and skateboarding and I am so excited to keep it up and inspire others to do the same.” – Josh Thompson aka Laika Beats

Having just dropped his hybrid bass EP ‘Lone Wolf‘ around 3 months prior, Josh has definitely been cooking up in the kitchen all 2019. Blending trap, hip-hop, and dubstep together for speaker knockin’ hitters, the bass bender from Denver has conjured up a massive compilation of furious beats.

The 5-Track EP begins with ‘Dub Power‘, kicking off with ominous arps and suddenly blasting off with his signature sound design taking over.

A personal favorite, ‘Izdem Girlz‘, is absolutely vibrating with the bounce and swagger that Laika’s been stirring up this entire project. Screeching synths, grooving drums, and yet again, top-notch production, this track flexes every one of his qualities that fits like a puzzle piece at the core of this Enigma, leaving the listener discombobulated with fun twists and switch ups throughout the tune.

The onward progression of his music has been beyond refreshing to keep up with, let alone his killer live sets, and it’s clear the journey for him is only just beginning.

Listen to Laika Beats’s ‘Enigma’ below.


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