Laika Beats Drops Crushing New Single, ‘Unstoppable’

Laika Beats has returned and displays his resilience in his life to break through his brief pause to recover this Summer from an injury and delivers a mind-crushing heavy-hitter bass tune, ‘Unstoppable’ proving this small setback meant absolutely nothing to this boss. Just a couple of months prior, he also dropped his fresh EP, ‘Enigma’.

Captured by Dark Matter Photographs

Flexing his original sound design and retro-synths, Laika pulls some heavy weight on ‘Unstoppable’ and growling bass that shakes the room and sends echoes of low-end vibrations straight down the spine like a 8.4 magnitude earthquake.

So I made this track a year ago and the day after I made it my studio computer’s hard drive died. I had most of my stuff backed up except for the last 2 weeks before it died. I ended losing about 4 projects including this track “Unstoppable”. I was never able to do final edits, mix down, or master on this track, I pretty much recorded and arranged this whole track in one crazy 4 hour session. Because I couldn’t edit or master it, I forgot about it. This past Spring on my tour with G-Space, I rediscovered it on my laptop and I mixed it in to a few of my live sets. Every time I dropped this, no matter what city, the crowd would lose their shit. So I decided I need to release this and now I am actually glad I wasn’t able to baby this track for weeks– I was forced to release the raw cut, and I think it just goes to shows that powerful songwriting is more important than super professional engineering and mastering. I also just finished physical therapy after 3 months of being in a cast with 4 pins in my arm! SO this track definitely describes how I feel right now. It’s feels SO awesome to be recording music and skateboarding again.

– Laika Beats

It’s great to have you back, Josh!

Listen to Laika Beats – Unstoppable.


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