Tipper and Friends Full Moon Return at Suwanee

Tipper and Friends returned to Suwannee for the first time since 2016 and the festival got nothing but incredible feedback in every aspect.


Of course Tipper played a lot of unreleased beats. The other artists there threw down just as hard. If you missed it, some artists to check out at your next fests would be Chris Karns and Slugwife.

The location itself is a sight to see. It’s home to fests like Hulaween, Wanee, Roots Revival, and countless more. The park holds beaches, spirit lake, trails, and miles of campground.


On top of everything, the festival was crazy small. There was only 7,500 tickets up for grabs. It made the experience intimate. Jerm Finch, a festival attendee, said “It was the best crowd experience I’ve ever had at a festival, It was like everyone was your best friend”.

Tipper and Friends

He was not the only one. Many commented on the vibes from the crowd. It’s clear that Tipper brings the best out of people.

“Passing by on the floor of the amphitheatre, people would move and let you get as close as you want and made room for you to dance. I’ve never had that experience at a festival.”

With several days of unforgettable moments and timeless memories made, we’re all just beyond thrilled to return again soon!

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