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Atlanta DJ and producer, FRQ NCY, is no stranger to halftime and experimental sound. He started out playing drums, later getting into FL (music design software) at just 15 years old. Years later, and out now on Bassrush is FRQ NCY ‘s phenomenal Broken Patterns EP.

If FRQ NCY isn’t a familiar name to you – I highly recommend you make it one. The talented beatmaker has supported acts such as Noisia, G Jones, and Peekaboo. Along with dropping multiple tracks on Saturate Records and Bassrush, he has also self-released a handful of underground classics such as “Cockpit Shakin’” and “Is Anybody Out There?

In Broken Patterns, FRQ NCY specializes in halftime and dubstep with a unique yet cohesive sound that stands out

FRQ NCY uses clean, crispy sound with cleverly layered melodies and quantized drums that effortlessly tie the whole project together.

“I want to create music that carries a feeling that people can relate with on a personal level, but vibe with on the dance floor.”


And he achieved exactly that.

The title track – “Broken Patterns” – starts with an eerie build, and drops into a fun dance beat with lots of random samples, freeform bass, and tiny breakbeats that bring life to the scene. With airy, melodic synths and glitchy, manipulated 8-bit-esque samples, we see the beauty in contrast in “Love + Hate.”

Next, in “Pins and Needles” we’re drawn to clean experimental sound design reminiscent of G Jones and Flume with his own flair. FRQ NCY beautifully encapsulates a strong sense of emotional energy and tranquility at the same time. He delivers a continuously growing beat that keeps you intrigued the whole time.

Fourth on the EP, “Rubberband,” brings stretchy, rubbery freeform bass sounds and a dance beat we can’t resist. “Wyvern” continues FRQ NCY’s signature sound with a dark, mysterious drop off to the tune, leaving you wanting more.

Luckily, soon we will be! FRQ NCY hinted to Electric Hawk he’s already in the works for another EP on the horizon – so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Listen to Broken Patterns here:

You can also see what he’s up to on Twitch for live-streamed beat cyphers, track feedback, production tips, & more!

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