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Surging bass artist Mersiv caps off an abundant year with his latest creation: his remix of “Get To You” by Saint Sinner and Supertask. A flip that serenades the listener in a seismic array of synths and melodies.

A dynamic spin on the sultry original, Mersiv’s remix of “Get To You” will stretch out your mind and give you emotional top

The Colorado-native transcends the original; adding a fuller, more energized bassline to the evocative opening melody that slowly builds. Like a wizard of audio magic, he is able to flush out the emotion of the listener. By keeping it drawn out, you’re entirely submersed in profound bass and compelling sound.

‘Get To You’ was a track I first started playing out on the Boogie T. tour. After hearing the response from close friends and fans, I wanted to make this an official release for New Years.”


If you aren’t familiar, the Mersiv Sound Project is the brainchild of Anderson Benoit Gallegos. Known for his own unique pretty-dark-loud style of bass music, he wraps his art with an intention of bringing listeners to the present moment through an immersive experience.

Submitting his 14th track of 2020, Mersiv closes the door on a turbulent year for the music industry by offering continuous vibrancy through sound.

Wrapping up the year with this much sought-after remix, Mersiv has fed us a generous helping of BIG brain food. He hit the ground running, dropping collabs with Conrank and Jantsen, to releasing EP’s with Manic Focus and Fryar.

Mersiv Get To You
Mersiv – Photo from Buku

Although live shows have been put on hold for the time being, Anderson has still kept extremely busy. In addition to curating the Dreamscape compilation on his own Morflor Records, he also released “Bermuda Triangle” on WAKAAN. Other drops include incredible self-releases like “Osmosis,” “Hypnos,” Dia de los Muertos,” and “Future Destinations.”

Gallegos is truly an unstoppable force. Becoming a personal favorite these past couple of years, I personally cannot wait to see what he has in store for us. A true weaver of soundwaves, Mersiv ends 2020 on a strong, positive note.

Listen to the Mersiv remix of “Get To You” by Saint Sinner and Supertask here

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