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No introduction is necessary for these two high esteemed producers. Manic Focus, the electro-soul pioneer & Mersiv, meteoric rising freeform bass star. The two originally had major plans for us in 2020 that included a nationwide tour. However, with a big ol F’U to corona, they’ve gone ahead blessing us with two new songs that fill the intensity of an entire EP. Presenting Solar Vision

“Any Realer” starts off the two-track EP and we are instantly pulled into darkness and unfamiliarity.

No vocals spark a plug here, rather an epic and dramatic buildup that’ll have you feeling like you’re transcending through another dimension. The listener is ultimately greeted by a female’s triumphant voice that ignites the spiral into utter pandemonium. Just when you begin to lose yourself in the mysterious daydream, we are SMACKED with a gritty bassline. You can hear both producers’ signature touches all over these robust breakdowns. Manic Focus throws down some robotic-like synths all over a menacing bassline that will need proper justice when listening to. On the second drop, we are suckeddd through Mersiv’s hypnotizing portal of warped bass with his hazy & fading basslines. This one is a certified slapper. 

“Solar Vision” begins with a repeated message building into a bassline. “Superhuman fightin’ them evil demons, we keep that good fight going so you can keep on believin’. Let’s keep those good vibrations goingggg”. Whewwww, this one is dripping in funky bass. Shades are required. The two lay down an absolutely killer bass line over some groovy vocals letting us know that good times lie still ahead. The bass is thick, bouncy, and distorts to our perfection, scratching that lil psychedelic itch. This tune is just soaking in good vibrations melting altogether. 

Stream Manic Focus & Mersiv’s Solar Vision EP here:

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