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Album artwork by Sylvain Sarrailh

It’s decided, my firstborn child will be named CloZee. The first single off the upcoming highly anticipated album just dropped, and we have…chills. “Winter Is Coming” is transcendent, to say the least.

Embracing sound in its rawest form is a skill French producer Chloé Herry, better known as CloZee, has mastered, known for her impeccable blending abilities and unique tribal soundscapes. “Winter Is Coming” gives us a little glimpse into the vast Neon Jungle, that drops this July.

This single is everything we could have asked for and then some. A beautiful display of lush and intricate instrumentals and freeform melodies, so basically what CloZee does best. The deep cuts and enchanting tribal vocal chops pair together perfectly to give us a fierce yet gentle sound. From start to finish, you can feel the creative energy oozing from this track. Even if it’s just the end of May if CloZee says “Winter Is Coming,” then that’s on periodt, sis.

We can’t wait to take the full journey through the Neon Jungle very soon, but until then stream and support “Winter Is Coming” below.

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