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Antima released a melodic dubstep beauty, “Together,” that takes me to an emotionally-charged place, and it’s exactly what I needed. 

Sometimes, you’re looking for a song that takes you back to standing in a crowd, feeling the energy of the people around you, and being encapsulated in sound. This song does exactly that. Out through Full Flex Audio, this single has melodic depth and airiness, a balance that can be difficult to find. 

“This track means a lot to me since I’ve always wanted to experiment with my music.”

Antima, Full Flex Audio Interview

A departure from Antima’s former weighty dubstep portfolio, “Together” is a sonic masterpiece. At the same time, the song gives you that waves-rushing-over-your-body feeling. It’s almost indescribable in words because it’s truly a track that you feel.

“I suggest to you to listen to this track whenever you want, to go on a quick journey into a peaceful place.”

Antima, Full Flex Audio Interview

If you’re looking for a song to carry you outside of the four walls you’ve been in or transport you back to memories of normalcy, you’ve found your match. So, sit back put on “Together” and let the music do what it does best: take you where you want to go. 

Stream “Together” by Antima here:

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