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zodivk has done it again with his latest self-release, “brandnew (+),” a sexy future beats rendition of the legendary Drake trackBrand New.” zodivk is the king of future beats flips, but we argue in even calling them that because he takes the essence of each song and demolishes most of the remnants of the original. From slower bpms, meticulously chosen vocal samples, and low frequency bass this track is the sexy cousin of Drake’s “Brand New.”

If you are a die-hard Drake stan, you know how pivotal So Far Gone was when it dropped in 2009.

Drake’s first real full project, So Far Gone, has some of the most iconic tracks Drake has ever given us. From “Houstatlantavegas,” “Bria’s Interlude,” “Successful,” and “Brand New” this release was a momentous first drop from “Mixtape Drake.” zodivk pitches Drake’s vocal samples way up in “brandnew(+)” bringing in a bouncy, but sensual beat as the undercurrent of the track.

It pulls in all of the night-time driving vibes and mixes in some deeper, sexier tones that make it bedroom material.

This track was an unexpected release, as zodivk finally hit 5 MILLION streams on Spotify this past week. He had promised listeners a new drop once he surpassed this epic milestone, and he delivered on his promise.

If you look through zodivk’s socials, you see a constant theme: he makes sexy future beats tracks for the masses. From H.E.R.’s “Damage,” to Alina Baraz’s “Yours” he has pulled in samples from some of the top trending songs and pulled them apart to bring together a beautiful new masterpiece each time. If you are curating a playlist and need nothing but tracks that will make you feel like the sexiest person alive, you have a full slew of options with all of zodivk’s discography

Check out brandnew(+) below and follow zodivk on all socials for more late night bedroom beats.

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