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One of our favorite rising gems from 2020, German producer Adame, is on a roll and now our trap arms are extended as hell. This week, Adame releases Chain Reaction, one heck of a two-track EP on Nightenjin Records. With deep rolling 808’s and experimental acid elements, the Chain Reaction EP is one for the big speakers.

Get your trap arms locked, loaded, and ready to throw.

Though Adame has only been releasing music under this alias for about one year, he has been consistent, strong, and never a bore. From his experimental trap single, “Dispersion,” to gritty freeform “Anomaly,” Adame proves to be sharpening his sword day-by-day. With this second release on Nightenjin, Adame is breaking out of his shell and potentially breaking some sound systems while he’s at it.

Chain Reaction EP features two bass-heavy tracks, “Catalyst” and “Bonkers.” Both songs bring a lot of energy to the table and begin to mold a unique approach to the genre. “Catalyst” begins with a build-up that sounds like we’re preparing for battle. With glitchy acid sounds, gritty synths, and a unique bassline, “Catalyst” keeps listeners at the edge of their seat. Next, yes, “Bonkers” is appropriately titled; Adame keeps the OG 808 trap vibe fresh by spicing it up with his special flair.

Listen to the new Chain Reaction EP here:

Don’t worry, Adame doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon.

In such short time, Adame has released with us at Electric Hawk, Wubaholics, Nightenjin, as well as found a home on the Arcadium Project artist roster. And as time goes on, the multi-talented producer just continues to level up in his own realm. Needless to say, we are excited to continue watching Adame blossom as an artist.

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