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Tomorrow is the day we have all (or at least I have been) waiting for: Player Dave day. I wasn’t sure I could make it another 24 hours, but luckily, we have one last single from Where the Wind Blew Me to enjoy.

And it’s not just any single. It’s a collab with sumthin sumthin.

Fracture” is the final single off Player Dave’s debut album, dropping tomorrow, March 26. A true standout from the 11-song album, “Fracture” is full of atmospheric sounds and happy melodies perfectly intertwined to create a track that comes just in time for spring.

“Fracture” creates feelings of tranquility, discovery, and a willingness to move forward. The artists have intricately blended their sounds to create a shining example of what collabs should sound like. *presses repeat on Spotify*

Need a smile today? We’ve got sumthin special for you.

In honor of “Fracture,” Player Dave and sumthin sumthin gave us some insight into each other, their tastes and preferences, and even the three ingredients of summer ’16. This brief interview between the collaborators is an Electric Hawk exclusive.

sumthin sumthin is on the hot seat to start us off.

Player Dave: Would you rather only produce Latin pop music, only score rom coms, or only post your music on Tik Tok?
sumthin sumthin: Only score rom coms; the range would be hilarious.

sumthin sumthin

PD: Dream studio location?
SS: Somewhere in nature or woods with a huge glass window looking out.

PD: If you had to pick 1 producer to ghost produce all your shit for you who would it be?
SS: Imanu.

PD: What was your worst green room experience/who has butchered your rider the worst?
SS: On the real the worst “green room” was called the “gold room” …essentially was a one-person bathroom that they fit a picnic table in, so we had an open toilet in the center of an 8-foot square.

PD: Name the 3 ingredients that made up your whole diet in the summer of 2016?
SS: Ramen, American Spirits, and Miller Lite.

Player Dave lets us know what’s up.

Photo Credit: MoodyDarkRoom (@moodydarkroom on instagram)

sumthin sumthin: What is your favorite experience/most memorable moment playing a show?
Player Dave: Probably Lightning in a Bottle in 2018, it was my favorite festival, and had so many amazing memories in the crowd. It was surreal being on the other side of that.

SS: What’s an artist you listen to that would be considered a guilty pleasure?
PD: I’d say any type of surf rock, lol. Like the Maria’s. I don’t know if it actually makes me feel guilty, but def makes me feel like a white girl.

SS: If you had to choose between any finger, which finger would you say is your favorite finger?
PD: Ummm obviously my index finger.

SS: You have to leave the US for 5 years…what’s the first restaurant you’d eat at when you got back?
PD: Any sort of greasy fried chicken cause honestly in other countries it just doesn’t slap like it does here.

SS: How many tracks do you think we’ve started together in the last 5 years?
PD: Upwards of 100 and released none of them.

We cannot wait for you all to revel in the beauty that is Where the Wind Blew Me. The debut album from Player Dave drops tomorrow.

We’ve gotten three singles from the 11-track album that features actual field recordings throughout. “Dumb” featuring the vocals of Player Dave; “Boundless Perception,” a collab with FLY; and now, “Fracture.”

Player Dave took a brief hiatus to focus on mental and spiritual rehabilitation and returns with an album that lifts our spirits. A manifesto on healing, Where the Wind Blew Me is full of grace and beauty and opens a window into the raw human experience of Player Dave.

After going through a huge transformation in my life, I found it almost impossible to express these experiences into a 4-minute song, so I decided to make 11. With the use of atmospheric tones, as well as field recordings from across the globe, mixed with hip-hop inspired drums and percussion, I wanted this album to feel like not only a journey, but a destination. This album is my musical expression of what my life was like, what happened, and where I’m at now.

Charlie Sahm, AKA Player Dave

Get a taste of what’s coming. Listen to “Fracture” from Player Dave and sumthin sumthin here:

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