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Calling all drum and bass listeners, lovers and fanatics – REMETI and styl have given us a gift in the form of “Runaway.” This track is a deep, Cyberpunk2077-esque, drum and bass record. “Runaway” marks their first drum and bass song on record and brings together their styles in the best way possible. 

If you are looking for an eerie, energetic and smooth track to keep on this spooky season, this is the one.

“Runaway” has been in the works for over two years. Actually, both artists almost lost it at one point, as the file was corrupted. They did an impeccable job of piecing it back together and then decided to revamp the track completely to bring their new vision to life. 

This song signifies a breakthrough for me in terms of my production and being able to translate my emotions into music. I really put so much of myself in this track and I hope you can hear it and feel it.


As previously mentioned, this marks a big venture for both artists, as neither had made drum and bass before now. However, it is no surprise that they were able to master the subgenre. Both REMETI and styl have experience and knowledge on the sound design that makes drum and bass an achievable task. Although both are well known for their bass music catalogs, they prove that there are no genre boundaries for talented artists like them.

It wasn’t an easy process, both of us had never produced [drum and bass], but we made it work.

– styl & REMETI

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