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Unless you live under a rock, have bad music taste, or both – then you know Chef Boyarbeatz just dropped a brand new track. “Peace” is out now via Electric Hawk Records, and it’s yet another delicious tune cooked up by the chef himself. Coming off his highly praised Consumed EP, the momentum and intensity remained with this new single. We got to have a quick chat with Chef Boyarbeatz following this latest release.

Who is Chef Boyarbeatz?

Corie, Electric Hawk: Where did the name Chef Boyarbeatz come from?
Chef Boyarbeatz: Before I started this project, I used a placeholder name until I got better at producing and thought of something that fit me. I was cooking breakfast one morning and saw a can of Chef Boyardee in the kitchen. At the same time, guys like San Holo were getting big and figured I could make a funny interpretation of that brand name similar to him and others. I was shifting into making more beat-centered stuff, and the name Chef Boyarbeatz just clicked!

Corie: You just dropped “Peace” on Electric Hawk Records. Tell us more about that track, what brought it about, and how you knew it was a good fit for EH?
Chef Boyarbeatz: I started “Peace” around the time the US assassinated Qasem Soleimani and was just in general feeling disheartened about the continued war efforts in the middle east. I wanted to write something that showed the juxtaposition between peace and war, calm and heavy vibes, etc. I’d wanted to write some 120~ dubstep influenced stuff, and the track just came together in about two sessions. It was a really fun song to work on. I’d been wanting to release with Electric Hawk for a minute and sent them this and a few other demos. Ultimately we decided on this one. I think it’s just a good fit sonically with what y’all release and put on via the blog, so it just made sense!

Compliments to the chef.

Elements of serenity mesh with elements of absolute madness to form the ultimate feeling of “Peace.” Chef Boyarbeatz caters to any listener’s needs, starting with a series of breaks before submerging us into the deep end of the drop. Acting as a matchmaker, he pairs some of his darkest tones in this track with some of the most ethereal. “Peace” is an unpredictable tune but enjoyable from the very first bite.

Corie: Who or what inspires the Chef Boyarbeatz sound?
Chef Boyarbeatz: So many people/things! In terms of artists, I’m currently really inspired by Salva, Workforce, Break, Sinistarr, Imanu, Commodo, Alix Perez, Sicaria Sound, and Kercha, to name a few. I’m always bumping Quasimoto, Lapalux, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, though. In terms of things, I’m inspired by anything and everything. Experiences, heartbreak/love, the sunset. Even just a shitty day where you took mad L’s, hahah. The important thing is to look at what you can learn from each of these experiences and draw your own inspirations moving forward.

“This is what I’m destined to do”

Corie: When did you first know you wanted to start making music?
Chef Boyarbeatz: Ever since I was in high school, I wanted to be a drummer in a band. Nocturnal Wonderland 2012 was the defining moment that pushed me into making music, though. I saw Mat Zo and Above & Beyond do a 2-hour group therapy set, and I was like, “This is what I’m destined to do.” I downloaded virtual DJ and FL Studio and started by making mashups.

Corie: Give us some insight on what 2021 holds for Chef Boyarbeatz?
Chef Boyarbeatz: Doing a few singles and then an EP to cap off the year! I’m incredibly excited to put these new tunes out and continue the Chef Boyarbeatz storyline. I truly believe it’s some of my best work.

We have to agree, Chef Boyarbeatz’s sound is quickly becoming a favorite of ours. As we await new music from the man himself we have no choice but to throw “Peace” on repeat.

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