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Whether we like it or not this is our new norm. Quickly, the industry has been turned upside down and has been forced to reimagine its entire vision. Creating something accessible for every fan during a global pandemic. Online music festivals have ultimately become more than just an outlet for music. They have become an alternate reality for fans, an escape from the battle our world is currently facing. While the music was able to provide this in simpler times. There’s been something truly remarkable about the special power music has held during this moment. Its ability to bring us together to bless us with a hint of sanity and solidarity has been our saving grace. Thankfully, our friends at Hawks Nest Music have used their big brains to put together something that not only satisfies our appetite for live music but also contributes to a remarkable cause.

Being born and raised in Atlanta as part of the fabric of its music industry, an industry rich with the culture and history of people of color. I felt compelled to lend my voice to the chorus calling for meaningful change in the city. I couldn’t be prouder of my team and our friends coming together to use our platform to do some good for ATL.

-Whit Hawkins, Founder of Hawks Music Nest

The Free Peachtree Project is a single day live stream event focusing around fighting social injustice and taking action in the local Atlanta community.

Hawks Nest Music has teamed up with the iconic venue, Ravine, to provide one of a kind immersive live sets. With the legendary Lazershark providing visuals alongside a plethora of local talent (see below), the team has gone above and beyond to create an experience like no other. Feel right at home at your local club. As the sounds of electro-funk seep through your speakers at this ATL throwdown. 

Visual Artist Lineup: Greg Mike (Atlanta, GA), Yoyo Ferro (Atlanta, GA), Berkvisual (Los Angeles, CA), ILL.Des (Denver, CO), Wolfdog (Atlanta, GA), Angie Jerez (Atlanta, GA), and Thomas Turner (Atlanta, GA).

And my goodness is this lineup insane or what. We are talking about some of the biggest legends in the electric funk/soul genre gracing us with their music. Adam Deitch (drummer for Lettuce & Break Science), Artifakts, Cherub, Daily Bread, Derlee, Late Night Radio, Maddy O’Neal, Motifv & a whole serving of piping hot underground talent. And of course, our bb boi SLZRD is sure to drop a notable set for his hometown. With most of these producers being fairly limited in their live streams thus far, we’re collectively losing our sh*t at the potential to see some of these icons. 

Lastly, we wanted to discuss all the incredible things the Free Peachtree Project will be supporting. Plus, the many opportunities for us fans to get involved! The event will include numerous teaching opportunities such as educational content from non-profit organizations and links to register to vote through HeadCount. They will also feature multiple art auctions and a merch contest where all proceeds will benefit Fair Fight. Fair Fight, a non-profit organization founded by Stacey Abrams, promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country. They encourage voter participation in elections and help educate voters about elections and their voting rights. A crucially important task with the upcoming election. 

The festival will be streaming for free exclusively on Mixcloud, beginning at 12 p.m. EST on Sat., Aug. 1, at And don’t worry you crazies, there’s still a chat on Mixcloud. Want to learn more or help out right now?! Text “FPP” to 243725 to donate or visit their website at See y’all in the chat 🙂 

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