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“Slow It Down” is the latest single from San Francisco-based Tyler Lawrence. Following hot bass house single, “The Heet,” this track flexes his lighter future bass side. “Slow It Down” shows us that this man has some real range. With 84 monthly listeners on Spotify, Tyler Lawrence is definitely one to keep an eye on.

“Slow It Down” is a real vibe.

Starting out shimmering and minimal, “Slow It Down” adds catchy vocals, layers of bass and melody that round out the tune into something truly phenomenal. The single is sincerely dynamic, growing, changing, and adding layers through all four minutes.

“Slow It Down” reminds its listeners that sometimes we need to take a moment to pause from everything that’s going on around us. In these slow moments, we are able to really appreciate the simple things, like falling in love – and really good music.

With this track, I really tried to capture what it feels like when you’re first falling in love. You’re in this crazy whirlwind and you get caught up thinking about what could be or what will happen, but once you take that breath and just be still, you settle into that indescribable euphoria that is love.

Tyler Lawrence, on “Slow It Down”

Before “Slow It Down,” Lawrence dropped “The Heet” which is truly some heat. 100% of streaming revenue from “The Heet” is going towards the NAACP.

Up and coming producer Tyler Lawrence is one you do not want to sleep on. Listen to his latest single, “Slow It Down” now!

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