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Common Creation and SLZRD team up to bring a real slimy heater of a tune, “Rumble Road.” If those two names sound familiar, it’s because they’re EH family that have previously released with Electric Hawk on our In Harmony debut compilation. So you already know the heat they bring on their own 😤

This fast paced track is full of genre switch ups and untamed synths. The heavy reverberating basslines and winding sound design will have you feeling like you’re driving the rocky roads to Backwoods fest.

You can hear the artists distinct elements oozing out of this track. Common Creation brings his signature live drumming and use of instruments, mixing well with SLZRD’s heavy blend of dubstep and high energy synths. The two compliment each other better than Nutella + peanut butter 🤤 and “Rumble Road” ate!

Listen to “Rumble Road” below:

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