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We really like to make sure you have new music. In our ever-evolving attempts to bring you the newest and freshest finds in this rapidly changing music industry, we update our Fresh Hunts playlist Every. Single. Friday. All for you. It is one of our biggest playlists curated with the utmost care. And, we are almost at 2k followers, so don’t forget to join in on our weekly gift to the people we love most, YOU.

In order to make it even easier for you to find music that you love and connect with artists that deserve the attention, we are introducing: Fresh Hunts Round-Up. Every weekend we will bring you highlights from the music of the week. Your favorite music should always be accessible to you, so let us help you out.

Without further ado, our first Fresh Hunts Round-Up…

‘Tunnel Vision’ – Nomer

This song sounds like what watching visuals that go inward feels like. It’s almost as if you’re watching something utterly consume itself. This is a debut track that has been long-awaited by our team. Nomer is one of our favorites and part of our Electric Hawk fam. We know this is just the beginning of a creative career we are eager to watch.

‘Ease’ – Sebjin

In a definitive tone shift from our previous release, our Nest Release #043 ‘Ease’ is a lo-fi dream. I’m a sucker for an airy piano melody, and this track has me asking how many licks to the center of every tootsie pop ever created. Maybe Sebjin knows the answer. One of the slower finds for this week, don’t forget to take a moment a decompress this Friday with Sebjin’s beautiful creation.

‘Back Again’ – Walschlager

Sometimes listening to house music can be kind of painful as it’s so reminiscent of live shows and their energy. And oh boy does this track hurt so good. The massive amounts of energy held in Walschlager’s second solo release follows very succinctly to his first “Come Correct.” I have a feeling that since house music is all about that build-up, these beats are building up to a release that only hearing them live can bring.

‘Psychosis’ – JEANIE

We support our music industry women in this online household. Premiered on FUXWITHIT, who had fantastic words to say about it already, we simply could not help but notice how hard this song hits exactly where you need it to. Starting out with a gnarly guitar riff, only to rip the sounds to shreds moments later. JEANIE can rip my tunes to shreds anytime.

‘Outsiders’ – Shanghai Doom, Runnit

Shanghai Doom and their clearly recognizable sound, combine with Runnit and his 8 years of music experience in a massive track that feels like a 3D object you can hold in your hands. Despite it only being 2 minutes long its light yet dense bass leaves you feeling out of breath by the end. No surprise though as all of Shanghai Doom’s collaborations have turned out killer.

‘Danger’ – Rua Tui

We are literally begging you to listen to this release on 19k. The building of the drums, and the layering of sounds into the crux of the song is masterful. It also really makes me miss Steve Irwin, but damn who doesn’t? His spirit lives on in many forms including this stellar drum and bass track it seems. Not to mention the voice sampling from Rua Tui on this track is so well placed in the song. Sometimes samples from pop culture can feel a little gimmicky but not this one. The genuine mixing talent jumped out!

‘Mindchatter’ – Night Goggles (Rome In Silver Remix)

If you haven’t heard whispers of Rome In Silver in the scene the past year you might be talking to the wrong people. There is a certain balance a musician needs, between creating “good” art and creating something unique and truly representative of themselves. Every one of Rome In Silver‘s tracks holds his signature sound, even remixes like this one. This is a track that will make your heart warm, make sure to take a listen, and maybe it will drown out your own mind chatter for just a moment!

‘Spaced Out’ EP -Evalution

As the only EP in our weeks round up, there is quite the reason that all three tracks manage to make an impression. Certain expectations arrive in your mind when you see the name Headbang Society, but it was utterly impressive in the way that they stay true to the roots of actual headbanging with this EP. Evalution brings rock n roll riffs over the beat, a true electronic classic, and an absolute joy to listen through.

‘I AM’ – Lizzy Jane & Kozmoz (Remix)

Lizzy Jane has re-imagined her summer 2020 track with The Brig, “I AM.” Now, giving it a high-energy, future riddim facelift, with the help of Kozmoz, it is explosive as ever. Out via Stratos Union, this is one you will wish you could hear in a dark crowded venue!

There are so many more artists who have put work into their releases that come out this week! Take the time to listen to our Fresh Hunts playlist below and we’ll be seeing you next week.

Thanks for checking out our first ever Fresh Hunts Round-Up! Stream and follow our playlist below.

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