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Yewz and INF1N1TE have teamed up to create a Spring 2021 BOP titled “PICKING UP THE PIECES.” These two artists who typically make different styles have come together to create this masterpiece. Featuring lyrics you’ll have stuck in your head all-day and an electronic beat you can’t resist!

After Yewz’s Stank Face EP this is a style switch up, but we are so here for it!

Though this isn’t typically what we see from Yewz, INF1N1TE brought the perfect influences from his signature style to blend their sounds together. The duo gives us catchy lyrics over a hot beat, making it the perfect addition to any Spring 2021 playlist! While a majority of the vocals were done by INF1N1TE, you can hear Yewz throughout the chorus with some underlying vocals. (Don’t tell him I’m exposing him like this, but tell him we want MORE!)

After seeing what these extraordinary artists can do together, we’re even more excited to see what the future holds for them both!

Listen to “PICKING UP THE PIECES” below!

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