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Partica has completely reinvented what it means to collab with their 23 ARTIST track, entitled “Frankenstein” out today. The mega collaboration features some of the brightest and best in trap music and beyond. Not to mention, both Runnit and Gurf themselves were the ones to bring all of the pieces together to create the auditory monster that is “Frankenstein”.

The artist credits for this one are absolutely bonkers.

Rounding off the 23, we have Hairitage, Blurrd Vzn, ql1x, Dabow, capshun, So Sus, Drak, Runnit, Gurf, Dink, Eyezic, Golden Child, Galva, Pinku, Xotix, ell1psis, episcool, Snxxz3, Robu, Lizdek, anti., Kizer, and Ramonpang. A star-studded list spanning the underground, this track is a slice of history being made. 

Gurf and Runnit collected beat loops from the 23 artists involved and pieced it all together themselves. Outside of the time that each artist put into their loop, Gurf and Runnit spent around 12 hours bringing the ghastly project to life. 

The track has hauntingly deep laughter as the intro, and each component builds to create a beastly 3:42 mins of trap bliss.

The drop pulls the energy of the track up, pulling in some metallic sounds to round out the composition. The track gets wonkier and wonkier as it progresses, building to a sweetly climactic ending. There is not a second of this that doesn’t feel like a perfect blend of each collaborator’s past and present discography, and we couldn’t love it more. 

Partica has shown that they are innovative and put on for the underground time and time again. “Frankenstein” is no different, as it marks the biggest collaborative song any of these artists have been on to date. 

Unleash the monster below, and go follow Partica on all socials!

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