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Yes, you read that correctly Shanghai Doom AND Protohype, a collab we’ve only ever dreamt of, is coming to life. Their track “Dippin'” is the first glimpse into Shanghai Doom’s forthcoming EP, Collision, via Protohype’s very own, Underdog Records. Although you have to wait until Friday to get all the sauce, we have the exclusive premiere of “Dippin'” for you to dive into. 

With their eccentric sound and ominous energy, it’s safe to say Shanghai Doom has the scene by the throat right now. We’ve been patiently waiting to hear from them since their last EP, Rituals III, but now the boys are back in full force. It only makes sense to call on an equally heavy hitter, Protohype, to help piece together their upcoming EP. With styles that fuse with ease, this trio of big brains prove to be a very menacing mixture. 

“Shanghai Doom is already one big collaborative project between the two of us. It’s always fun to add more producers into the mix to see what we come up with. The Collision EP tells the story of the Shanghai mothership crash-landing on a distant planet, and being thrust into a time warp. It was awesome to hear every collaborator bring a piece of their own signature sound to the songs, and while this EP tells a larger story, each track is a collision of styles in itself. Big ups ProtohypeToadfaceXTALS, and Smoakland for being a part of our second Collab EP.

Shanghai Doom

It’s a different sound

The following track is intended for mature audiences; listener discretion is advised. We knew going into this that both of these artists are known for creating absolutely rude mind-bending tunes, but “Dippin'” still found a way to take us by surprise. The signature sounds of both Shanghai Doom and Protohype immediately radiate from this time-warped tune. Despite the minatory intro, we ignore all warning signs of danger and find ourselves instantly enveloped in this track. This trio of madmen build from the ground up, adding layer upon layer of murky bass and penetrative chops. After listening you may be wondering what just happened to you, if you need to go to church, or notify the authorities because that felt illegal. Don’t be alarmed these are just the side effects of “Dippin.”

This track instantly found a home as one of my favorite releases of 2021 so far. With something unexpected around every corner and the ability to leave you confused and wondering who even let these animals into the studio.

We’ll let your imaginations run wild with how the Collision EP is about to shape up if “Dippin'” controls the tone. 

Hear the exclusive premiere of “Dippin'” below, and stay locked for the full Collision EP landing this Friday!

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