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What’s up Birds n Birbs, today we got a surprise drop for you all! As a treat, the Boyz™ decided to drop their handsomely aggressive collab with Yookie today! Watch out riddim kids, it’s about to get RUFF  (ᵃⁿᵈ ᴿᵒʷᵈʸ).

Being featured on the “We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4” Deluxe version (along with some other absolutely insane bangers and remixes), this collab has really tested our patience. Since being debuted at Ubbi Dubbi last year, “RUFF” has had our wings extended for over a year…talk about blue beaks, amiright?!

This body-breaking anthem will have you, in the words of the great HOVA, going way more than 55 in a 54 if you blast this tune through your car speakers.

That’s only the first drop.

The second drop is the epitome of versatile mixing. Incorporating experimental trap with deep basslines, without losing any energy from the first half of the song. It’ll have you smacking your lips like a slice of spicy pie.

None of us at Electric Hawk are classically trained chefs, but the second part of this jam has Flavortown Level of Spicy synths that even Guy Fieri would have to take his sunglasses off for.

If you need any more information on this monstrous collaboration, we’ll be chilling in the SoundCloud comment section at around 0:55 and 2:01.

Play “RUFF” with Yookie and Zeds Dead below, and support your favorite creatives:

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