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Floret Loret x Ivy Lab. That’s really all we need to say here. We could just end the article here and everyone would know how amazing this song is about to be. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. So y’all mind if we gas up Floret Loret for a little bit?? After throwing down an innovative set at our Harmony Fest, we were left craving more. Well, make some mf noise because Floret Loret has returned. Casually flipping Ivy Lab’s halftime banger, “Jagged Roots”, into a doozy of a bass slapper.

Floret Loret’s music has a very organic feel setting himself apart from other freeform bass producers. Perfecting his craft for over three years now, the producer who once created more ambient melodies has expanded his realm into the world of bass. Using these atmospheric attributes, Floret has shifted himself into an experimental genre of his own. He creates sonic imagery with his elegant and grand buildups which flip into pure pandemonium when you least expect it.

From landing a spot at EDC Orlando’s Art Car in 2019 to gracing the lineup at the last 2020 festival ever, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, RIP. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll regularly be gracing lineups across the country. His latest brainchild, a flip of the hefty “Jagged Roots” further proves that this producer is on a mission to elevate his sound to another gear. Floret Loret must know like us how epic of a tune “Jagged Roots” already is. Instead of remixing the track, he decides to beef it up with his own signature flair.

The track begins suddenly, as the original beat is revved up.

Keeping the signature vocal chops and drum patterns echoing, Floret Loret creates a stunningly airy soundscape as the scattered drums graciously guide you into what appears to be a dreamy oasis. Just when you’re ready to tuck yourself in and get all cozy, he brings in some signature trap sounds with lots of drums, sirens, & those gritty chains that ring off like a rotary phone. Don’t even get us started on this second drop, the madness ensues even further as the beat is compressed into squishy goodness. He’s really done something big on this one giving a satisfying scratch to that ever-hungry bass itch.

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