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Ivy Lab continue to impress with their latest EP, Fidget. It’s a euphoric, meditative body of work with lush soundscapes and uplifting melodies. Maintaining a balance of soothing and sexy, Ivy Lab is proving that they aren’t bound to any single genre.

Ivy Lab Fidget
Ivy Lab

Ivy Lab is a collaborative project based out of London. Besides arguably pioneering the halftime/future beats movement, Sabre and Stray (Ivy Lab) have cemented their impact on the scene with their label, 20/20 LDN Recordings — one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary music brands. Praising Ivy Lab as innovative often feels like an understatement. The combination of hip-hop and gritty bass-music has always been a selling point in this industry. And to do it with such precision and elegance is worth more than a tip of the hat. These two know how to make good music. But Fidget is a prime example of their versatility.


Fidget takes flight with “Ophelia.” After a piano-centered intro, the duo launch you into a state of bliss with a looping melody. Ethereal vocal samples harmonize with groovy synthesizers and rolling snares. Consequently creating a euphoric headspace, and setting the tone for the rest of the EP.


The title track of this EP turns up the heat. Distorted sounds and matrix glitches morph around you with encompassing fashion. Buzzing basslines and thumping kick drums build the rhythm. But the lyrics turn this experimental onslaught into a track just oozing with sex appeal. With more layers than an onion, the sound design here is quite remarkable.


Next up is “Merlot,” my personal favorite from the EP. Keys are once again at the forefront, leading you into a lo-fi beat that could put CBD out of business. This relaxing, comforting track feels like a long hug after a hard day. The combination of sounds in this song makes for an incredibly unique experience. Of The Trees had this to say about the song.


Then, there’s “Wanderlust.” Starting with a jolt of synths, this track guides you through echoing chord progressions, and enchanting vocal sampling. At times there are sounds that feel as if they’re almost showering over you. Pockets of incredible experimentation are heard throughout the track. Yet even with all the unexpected, this one is surprisingly comforting.

“Baywatch 480p”

As the cherry on top of this fine EP, we have “Baywatch 480p.” After a drawn-out lyric saying “For You” ends, it’s looped, and made into the backbone of this beat. Vocal harmonies, strings, distortion, experimentation, and tempo shifts create an ever-changing finale to Fidget. Ivy Lab is consistently pushing the boundaries of electronic music. And with talks of at least 10 more tracks coming our way, we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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