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Our love for women never ends, even if Women’s History Month already has. We have had the honor of working with Farrah over the past two months, in helping her curate a stream with some of her favorite artists and closest creative friends. Let’s just say we would do anything for Farrah. So this Friday, April 9th, prepare for an “all-star” event…

Now Presenting: A Farrah curated lineup.

Introducing Farrah’s All-Stars…

Seven stellar artists suddenly at our disposal this Friday. SHEEEEEEEESH!

Each of them mean so much to me & their talent is just mind-blowing. AND I get to call them my how?!


Farrah has picked Jinx, Kilamanzego, Pauline Herr, Poni, ROSSY, and SENZA to join her for a night of fun. Again we’re ready to help take you on a ride. We love helping to provide you with enjoyable music experiences while we’re still separated for the time being. You can RSVP for the stream here. We’re sure it will be one to remember, a stream you do not want to miss.

farrah all-stars schedule graphic
Schedule for Farrah’s All-Stars stream.

See you at at 8pm CST on April 9th for Farrah’s All-Stars!

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Not only is April Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but it’s also Autism Awareness Month. It’s a time to acknowledge, support, and uplift those living with Autism. As well as an opportunity to work towards creating a world where they’re able to reach their fullest potential. To learn more on how you can help, visit
this site.

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