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Farrah and Osins just dropped a huge collab, “Omen,” together on the label Jadu Dala. The two are both widely talented and definitely know their way around a DAW or two; Farrah and Osins excel in executing some killer tunes in trap, dub, and more. So when the release of “Omen” was announced, we knew it’s not be one to miss out on; Farrah‘s had releases and support with us, Electric Hawk, Bassrush, and now Jadu Dala. For Osins, this is the first release in a handful of months, but when you dig into his discography you’ll understand why we’re extra hype about this collab.

Immediately, “Omen” has listeners are up on high energy with bouncy synths and an intriguing, booming, drum pattern.

As the track builds on, it feels like one of those “oh, shit” moments when you realize you need to buckle up and hold on tight. Everything’s ascending and intensifying; the breakdowns are full of contagious energy – the choppy switch-ups atop the dark bass are *chefs kiss*.

“Two years ago, I had a sent an idea to Osins that was completely different from what is now. He took a few elements and the ominous feeling from the original and turned it into an addictive, infectious, club ready banger. When I got his idea back, I instantly knew that I wanted to flip the second half but not deviate too far from the first highlight, it ended up becoming more bass heavy and a bit slowed down, which is what “Omen” sounds like today.”

Farrah to EH

Together, Farrah and Osins revamp the trap and dance sound with their own notable style. The clever sound design combinations bring a lot of life into “Omen.” Osins’ deep and dark dance side teamed up with Farrah’s big room trap sound make for an iconic single that hopefully we’ll hear rinsed over some fat sound systems this summer.

You can now stream “Omen” here:

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